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PCs vs Macs (Yes...We're Joining the Fray)

When it comes to comparing consumer electronics, it’s all about personal preference. For the sake of argument, we’re going to highlight the differences between Personal computers (PCs) and Macintosh computers (Macs). Before we proceed, we must mention that we do not simply compare one PC to a Mac, but we find units in similar performance capacity, size and cost. Why? Since Windows does not build physical hardware, but leases software to computer hardware manufacturers, we wanted to limit our comparisons to computers of similar characteristics.

Let’s get started. So you pull your favorite web browser (Chrome for me) and want to find the best computer to buy. The usual considerations when choosing a computer are; personal/professional usage, am I streaming, etc. We’ll highlight 4 major components of our comparison then give our final verdict.

Software Capabilities: PCs function on the Windows Operating System, while Macs are capable of operating both Windows and OS systems.

Memory: Macs typically have less memory than PCs since files are typically smaller. Averaging 1-4 GB RAM, the PC would be a preferred choice coming in at 2-8 GB RAM and 1000 GB Storage.

Security: As of 2015, Apple cornered 10% market share of computer sales. Leading to my point that Macs aren’t invulnerable to viruses and hacks but the goal of the scammer is to capitalize as quickly as possible (attacking those 95% PC owners). Without digging too deep, Macs are built on the Unix system (as opposed to the Windows system).

Price Point: On average, the Mac is $100-$500 more than there Microsoft counterparts making it tougher on the consumer to choose between the two. One reason for the price difference is the use of higher-end components by Apple. This extends longevity of the computer and reduces the need for constant repairs. Additionally, Macs come preinstalled with essential software including document and spreadsheet editors, multimedia players, etc.

Our Choice: Macintosh. Macs provide the durability, longevity and performance I am looking for in my computers. A big seller for me is the reduced vulnerability of Mac's security systems that are based on Unix systems. Another seller was performance, with the use of higher-end components.

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