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Who is STL SMARTphones?

Robust Repairs LLC was a tremendous start to embed ourselves in the consumer electronics sector. We provided professional services to consumers across the St. Louis Metro region and also shipped devices across the globe. However, we realized that our need to rebrand was rooted in a desire to solidify ourselves as a St. Louis regional asset. Thus, birth our new name St. Louis STL SMARTphones.

We are a socially-conscious mission-driven enterprise. Growth is important but human and environmental sustainability is a greater priority. We have a 3 part mission which we abide by with every conducted transaction. First, our mission is to provide customers with quality pre-owned smartphones, which reduces the over-consumption of Earth's precious resources that go into the production of new smartphones. "Recycling your phone doesn’t just reduce pollution; it also saves the need to continually find new resources. For instance, the amount of gold in one cell phone is minimal, but when 1 ton of phones are recycled, 300 grams of gold can be salvaged and reused." (1) We believe that if we can save devices from severe damage, and extend their designed life that we can reduce the amount of gold, coltan, copper, water and additional natural resources used in producing consumer electronics.

In addition to pre-owned smartphones, our mission is to provide customers with professional technical services that will extend the design life of smartphones and electronics. "iPhone users upgrade more frequently than those using Google's Android operating system. 51 percent of iPhone owners would upgrade to a new model as soon as their provider allows it (usually every two years) compared to 47 percent who would wait until their existing iPhone becomes obsolete", according to Niall McCarthy of Forbes Magazine (2). Our theory is that by extending a smartphone's operating life will reduce the customer's desire to purchase a newer device (using precious resources and amplifying consumerism by financing a $1400 phone). Smartphones are more complex than ever featuring sensors, and nodes that require fragile treatment and care. The sad reality is that consumers will toss the "beyond repair" device in the trash or hoard the phone in their dresser instead of keeping the device "in play". If we can keep those barely obsolete devices in circulation, we can close the gap on overconsumption and depletion of natural resources.

Nevertheless, we offer recycling services that keep those precious minerals found in smartphones in the market to be reused for the repair or production of new devices. According to the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, it takes 530 pounds of fossil fuel, 48 pounds of chemicals and 1.5 tons of water to manufacture one computer and monitor (3). Most often the trashed phones find home in our local landfills, where the begin the the slow but deadly polluting of groundwater that leads to our homes. Known as e-waste, it is estimated that 40 percent of the heavy metals in U.S. landfills come from discarded electronics, according to Jonas Allen, Director of Marketing for EPEAT, a global green electronic rating system (4).

Our mission is conscious driven. We strive to provide consumers with quality preowned devices that will reduce the need for producing new devices and extracting Earth's natural resources. Second, We focus on extending the functionality of smartphones through technical services that will reduce overconsumption. Finally, we commit ourselves to recycling devices that often contain toxic chemicals that contaminate our environment.

Are you looking for a newer iPhone but want to avoid the premium costs, give us a try. Our on-site and on-time repair services will make your life easier. Visit or call (314) 288-4887 for additional information.

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