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I broke the screen on my iPhone and can't remove the iCloud account

Things happen! Among the many things that seem to happen, both good and bad, our phone takes a 4 foot dive onto our tile floor. CRACK!!! The screen is black and now you realize that your iCloud account is still attached to the iPhone and now you're ready to sell or trade-in your iPhone. No need to worry. There is a way to remove the attached iCloud account so you can get the most money for your preowned iPhone.

The attached iCloud account can be removed by following a series of steps that will allow the iPhone to be used again after replacing the "Blacked" LCD. Without removing the iCloud account beforehand, the iPhone is not worth as much on the preowned/used market.

1. Start by visiting

2. Find your iPhone under listed devices. Active devices will feature a highlighted green icon.

How to remove iCloud account from iPhone

3. Select Erase and input Apple credentials to continue.

4. The final step is to select "Remove from Account" as this will remove all remaining data, contacts and info from the iPhone.

Eventhough you cannot see the operation occurring on the iPhone's LCD, once the iPhone is connected to WiFi or Cellular service (post-repair) the iPhone will automatically reset with the prior Apple credentials removed. The reset iPhone can now be used on another account.

Keep in touch with the STL SMARTphones Team online at Got Questions? Give us a call 314-288-4887 for support.

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