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How To Find your IMEI Number

How To Find Your IMEI #

I put together a quick graphic to share with you. We cannot overstate the importance of the IMEI number when purchasing new, preowned, or parts devices .

What is the IMEI Number? The International Mobility Equipment Identification Number is a 15-digit number series unique to a specific device. The IMEI number is designated by manufacturer and provides technical specifications unique to that device such as; color, model, carrier, iCloud account status, storage and additional technical data.

I can name countless situations when the IMEI number has saved me time and money. Before I leave the house to meet a client, I ask for the IMEI #. Oops, it's iCloud locked and the seller wasn't going to share that info with me. Well, I'll pass on the deal. It took me 20 seconds to avoid a 30 minute trip and an expensive loss. {If the seller refuses to provide the IMEI #, then the deal is off}

I wanted to provide a quick example of the importance of the IMEI #.

Use this quick graphic when looking to purchase devices online, or on the streets.

As always, you can reach me online via chat if you have additional questions.

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