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Sell Your Device Today!

Most popular devices:​

  1. Apple iPads

  2. Apple iPhones

  3. Apple Macbooks

  4. Samsung Galaxy S Smartphones

  5. Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphones

 Call/text 314-833-0990 to get started

You can also message us on Facebook and Instagram @stlsmartphones with your device details**




**Prices may vary based on individual situations. Include 

make/model, serial/IMEI Number, and condition in quote details

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We professionally recycle bulk electronics as well. Our objective is to ease the pressure of cleaning out your obsolete, dysfunctional and broken office electronics, personal devices and materials.


We securely destruct storage devices, recycle ink/toners and reuse operable components and parts. 

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Above: Approximately 250 lbs of obsolete laptops recycled from St. Louis-based non profit. The internal hard drives were securely destroyed, and the plastic casings recycled. Components such as motherboards, keyboards and LCDs were tested and inspected for future reuse in laptops in need of service. 

The STL SMARTphone team has formed productive relationships with local nonprofits and businesses to keep electronics, whole and in part, in circulation. 

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