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Why is Labor Day important?

1st Labor Day Parade

For some, Labor Day marks the end of summer festivities. BBQs, pool parties and lemonade are quickly replaced by NFL Sundays and every imaginable sweet to help buster our belt lines. So long to the summer crunches.

However, Labor Day has deeper meaning. With its origins tracing back to the 1st Labor Day parade in New York City, in which workers marched from City Hall to Union Square. It wasn't until 1894 that the U.S. Federal government recognized the 1st Monday of September as a Labor Day. The earlier Labor Day celebrations took place during a period of social unrest as the growing force of labor unions worked tirelessly for improved working conditions and safety.

Today, Labor Day is celebrated with family, friends and foam (beer). Conditions have improved since the 1890s but we must continue to acknowledge the great contributions to our society that America's workforce has provided.

Enjoy your Labor Day and be safe.

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