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What is an IMEI Number and how can I find mine?

The International Mobility Equipment Identification Number (IMEI) is a 15-digit number series unique to every mobile phone and smartphone. The IMEI number is designated by the manufacturer and provides technical specifications unique to that device such as;

1. Color

2. Model

3. Carrier

4. iCloud account status (This is vital for the security of Apple devices as an active "Find My iPhone", lost/stolen status can be predetermined by the IMEI Number)

5. Storage

6. Financial status

** Additional technical data can be determined by the IMEI **

The IMEI Number can be found in several locations on iPhones depending on the model.

On iPhones prior to the iPhone 6s Series, IMEI Numbers can be found on the back of the iPhone below the Apple logo.

How to find my IMEI Number

For devices after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus series, the IMEI Number can be found on the underside of the metal sim card tray. This option is extremely helpful for the devices with a non-functioning LCD that doesn't allow for finding IMEI Number on screen and beyond the iPhone 6 Series.

How to find my IMEI Number


In addition, the IMEI Number can be found by typing *#06# revealing the number on-screen.

How to find my IMEI Number

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The last method to retrieve the IMEI Number is by navigating through the settings app on the iPhone. By visiting settings > General > About, the IMEI Number can be retrieved at the bottom of the "About" tab.

Find My IMEI Number


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