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Our Campaign

"A business is a campaign that never ends"

- Ron M. Shaich, Founder of Panera Bread Co. 

Our campaign is to offset e-waste production through repairing, recycling and refurbishing electronics. Our team is driven to fill the growing demand for repair services, quality refurbished devices and sustainable recycling practices. Additionally, jobs and partnerships are created in the local communities that contribute to the socioeconomic benefits of the local economy. We support ongoing Right to Repair efforts and embrace the longterm benefits of corporate/consumer transparency. 


We do not own the rights to the videos above. We use the videos for educational purposes.  

Here you'll find our cited sources used to support our ongoing research. 

1. Lewis, Tanya. "World's e-waste to gorw...", Live Science, 2013.

2. Slade, Giles. "iWaste", Mother Jones, 2007. 

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