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Why Buying an Used iPhone is Better

Back in 2014, I began offering pre-owned devices for sale on the local marketplace and the domestic online market, such as eBay and Amazon. After a year of successful sales, I wanted more than to just sell devices but offer and educate people on the beauty of pre-owned technology products; specifically mobile devices. There are 3 reasons why buying used electronics are better including; price-savings, less stress, and sustainability. Our mission at Robust is to educate the masses of the potential difference we can make globally with the recycling of pre-owned devices and the resell of used devices.

iPhone 7 (RED) displayed atop box

This iPhone 7 (RED) sits atop its box. Click here to buy your next iPhone 7 (RED).

Used Devices are Cheaper

The "used" smartphone market is a $17 billion industry and is silently circulating our old devices, keeping them in a rotation for everyone to have a chance to use them. I must mention that we are going to use the words pre-owned and used interchangeably. One surefire way to have a much easier life is by having more money saved in your account and buying used goods is the easiest way to save money. For example, iPhone 7 released in September 2016 retailed for over $700. However, on the secondhand market (if you would've waited 2 weeks after initial release), the newest iPhone 7 sold for $450-$500 ( 30% savings). As we approach the 1 year anniversary of the release of the iPhone 7, that now $450 price tag has dropped even more to $350-$400. Due to reasons beyond our control and technical reasons not worth mentioning in this write-up, we'll just say that a new item is "new" as long as it is encased in plastic and unsealed. Your buddy buys the iPhone 7 Plus on Friday for $800 from the local store. He walks out and unwraps his new device. However, he is unhappy and wants to sell it. Your buddy's $800 iPhone 7 Plus is now $500 on the local secondhand market come Sunday. Simple as that.

Don't Worry....You Will Break It

It sometimes seems that no matter the protection mechanism you employ, your device still finds itself face down on the floor in a shattered mess. According to a recent British study, "the average iPhone user will break or damage their iPhone within 10 weeks of purchasing their device." I can attest to this statistic as I was granted my first iPhone 7 repair opportunity during the 2016 Thanksgiving holiday season (exactly 10 weeks after the initial release). I have witnessed broken devices with no protective casing and shattered devices fully encased in an Otterbox fortress and plastic, tempered glass. I must admit one stark difference I have noticed between individuals who bought their device on Craigslist versus the ones from a "Big Four" carrier store; "stress."

This cracked iPhone can leave glass shards in your hands. Have your iPhone serviced by our certified techs by clicking here.

The people that initially paid $800 for their iPhone approach our company with high levels of anxiety. Why? Because they already forked over retail value for the device, then have to fork over additional funds to restore the device to original condition. However, clients that paid a reduced price for their device (over 30-50% price difference) are less stressed with the price of repair services. Why? Because they paid less upfront for a "like-new" iPhone and are only concerned about it "looking" original again. We say "Don't worry. You will break it" because it holds true. According to Plaxo, "roughly 33% of people either lose or break their phone." If you are looking to have your iPhone serviced, contact the tech team at Robust Repairs here.

You Can Be An Activist

Buying used electronics can seem unfit but the long-term social benefits are well worth it. You can be an activist in 3 ways; you can reduce the amount of e-waste sent to landfills, you can reduce the number of deaths resulting from mineral wars and prevent the degradation of our environment through raw materials used in the production of new electronics.

There are exorbitant amounts of raw earth materials being disturbed around the globe to produce our iPhones. With these iPhones containing numerous precious metals and environmentally degrading chemicals, there is a need for synchronized recycling efforts to put those precious metals back into the "production cycle". "1 ton of copper ore from the Escondida produces 21 pounds on average. However, "1 ton of iPhones would yield about 283.5 pounds of copper (911Metalurgist)." As a result, the enforcement of recycling efforts can reduce the many environmental concerns that arise with mineral mining and redirect that potential e-waste from finding a spot in the landfill.

You can be an activist for change to the ways they, the producers, manufacture their electronic products. Conflict minerals including; tin, tungsten, gold, and coltan are at the epicenter of long standing wars between numerous factions in the Central African region. Countless lives have been lost in the wars to build our pretty iPhones and by simply buying used you can reduce the need for 1 more brand new iPhone. Thus, you can reduce the amount of raw material wasted in the extraction of precious metals.Thus, you can prevent the deaths of more human beings in the violent mines of Africa. Thus, you can reduce environmental degradation. And you can do all this buying your next iPhone "used".

Think you are ready to purchase your next iPhone pre-owned, we offer gently used pre-owned iPhones at extremely competitive prices. All our devices are tested for 100% full functionality. Visit our online store to check out our inventory. Click here.


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