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What is the "Digital Divide"?

Interconnected Communities for Everyone

There is a direct correlation between socioeconomic status and computer usage. As our global society continues on a fast-track to technology reliance, there will be an exponential increase in computer interactions. Without the necessary computer skills, citizens can find themselves quickly falling behind.

"It is estimated that 100 million Americans have no way of accessing the Internet at home", according to the Economics and Statistics Administration. There is a growing “digital divide” and the widening of this divide is relating our economic status. Connectivity can serve as a person’s vehicle on the road towards economic prosperity. The internet is a platform used by everyone for everything ranging from job-hunting services, social networks, and even educational resources. Yes, you can submit a “paper-copy” of a job or college application. However, the clerk's 1st task is to input the information into an online database for review and coordination between HR staff.

Why is it more important now than ever before? MONEY!!! Companies and institutions are accelerating there reliance on computers. Nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies (Walmart and Target) only accept online job applications. According to the Internet Innovation Alliance, considering the average annual cost of a home broadband connection of $490, “the average American family could save more than $7,200 per year through discounts and sales only available to online consumers.”

How can we help combat this “digital divide”? Maybe subsidizing broadband connections will reduce internet costs for everyone. What if in urban areas there are coordinated towers that emit Wi-fi signals similar to radio waves? The bridging of the digital gap benefits everyone as we continue to march towards the acceptance of “Smart City” infrastructure. There are low-cost options in existence, however, there is little widespread knowledge of these offerings.

For more information, questions and collaboration. Feel free to contact Jay Watson at or 314-472-5002

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