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iCloud: Gift & Curse - How to Use it Right

We have quite a few people who have acknowledged there lack of trust in buying preowned iPhones on the local or domestic marketplace (i.e. Craigslist, eBay, OfferUP, etc).

There are numerous benefits to the preowned iPhone marketplace including, having access to gently used iPhones without the astronomical price tag. The iPhone 7 still retails for over $700. However, once the plastic seal is removed from the device the price drops down to the $400-$500.

Our 3 step system for buying iPhones on the market.

#1: Request for the IMEI Number before arranging a meeting location (For iPhone models 5 - 6 Plus, the IMEI is located on the back of the device. Models 6s - 7 Plus you'll find the IMEI number on the underside of the metal sim card tray)

#2: Meet in Public Space - This is all about security

#3: Check the phone. THOROUGHLY. Check every component. Make a call. Play a song. Try TOUCH ID. Click the volume switch (does it vibrate?)

This video shows Step #1 in the process. We have received a potential IMEI that the seller claims is an iCloud free phone. We want to check.

We used to verify and as a result we see that "Find My iPhone" is still active. This is a bad deal. Even though there are iCloud removal services, why not avoid the lock from the very beginning.

We will continue to provide free information and tools you can use on the market to prepare yourself for your next iPhone purchase.

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