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What We Do?

"What do you do?"

We repair and resell iDevices.


Yes, iDevices = iPhones, iPads, and iPods. We have over 6 years of experience in refurbishing and reselling whole units, parts supply retailing and hardware component repairs. We offer competitive pricing on all iPhone, iPod or iPads ranging from screen repairs, to aluminum housing, batteries and smaller components (Microchips). Click here to see our inventory.

We travel to our client's home, business, favorite shopping mall, dog park, grocery store...literally anywhere to fix there iPhone, iPad, or iPod. We are a mobile electronics store offering our technical and professional experience in a convenient package. You can view our prices for your repairs here.

Think of us a personal Technician-2-GO. We have done repairs in every kind of weird situation you can think of. We have done repairs at birthday parties, baseball games, even a hockey game (once). As we drove back to St. Louis from Atlanta, exhausted from semester exams, I repaired my buddies iPhone 5S as we zoomed up Interstate 24 at 75 mph.

You can book an appointment online , email me at or simply call; 3144725002. Yes! We accept all major credit cards. No need for an ATM run. This is 2017!

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