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What is e-Waste?

E-waste or Electronic waste describes used electronics destined for landfills, salvage yards, and variety of formal and informal destinations. E-waste contains toxic substances such as mercury, brominated flame retardants (BFR), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Improper disposal of American e-waste contributes to the environmental degradation of developing countries and unhealthy living conditions for its residents.   

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E-waste is generated once a consumer decides to discard the device. Management of e-waste can be categorized into 4 scenarios; 1. Formal collection 2. Disposal via Trashcans and bins 3. Informal collection in countries with proper infrastructure 4. Informal collection in countries without proper infrastructure  

E-waste is also a mining source containing several precious metals and critical minerals including iron, copper and gold. The value of raw materials in the global e-waste generated in 2019 is equal to approximately $57 billion USD.  The recycling of iron, aluminium, and copper contributed to a net saving of 15 Mt of CO2, equivalent to emissions from the recycling of secondary raw materials substituted to virgin materials.1

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Above: According to the Global e-Waste Monitor 2020, The Americas are the 2nd leading producer or e-waste and formally collects 9.4% of its e-waste. 

Stl Smartphones mission is to reduce the St. Louis metro areas contribution to global e-waste by servicing, unlocking, refurbishing, repairing and recycling our electronics. We can lower our environmental impact on distant environments in Africa, Asia, and South America. We can reduce our contribution to premature deaths by haphazard electronics deconstruction in Ghana, or China. If you want to join our mission today give us a call and let us properly handle your electronics needs. We want those electronics circulating and out of the landfill.


Research Source: Global E-Waste Monitor 2020  

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